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Distributor of the Year
2010, 2011, 2012

Chicken Dippens Chicken Nuggets Premium Chicken Nuggets Chicken Tenders
Chicken Wedges Cooked Prawns Crumbed Prawns C/tail S/rolls & Samosas
Flamed Grilled Meatballs Garlic Chickenballs Mini Party Quiche
Mini Pizzas Munchies Onion Rings Pastizzi
Crumbed Squid Rings Party Pies & Sausage Rolls Salt & Pepper Squid

 We provide Frozen, Chilled and many Oven and "Table Ready" products for your convenience. Checkout our Deli Items and Patisserie, also a wide range of Sauces,  Condiments and Party Goods.

134 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong, Victoria,3175 Melway 89 K8


Call our friendly staff with your order 03 9792 4522 or fax 03 9706 9202.


Trading hours
Mon/Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm
Sat        8.30am - 1pm

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